Helen Hunt Plastic Surgery Before And After Photo

In 2009 a picture of American actress Helen Hunt showed her face and neck sagging and badly wrinkled, shocking many of her fans. It was a far cry from the glamorous actress that people adored. The rumor was, she underwent a plastic surgery procedure that went bad. She looked way older that her real age, 46, at that time. Not all people believed the picture was true. They believed it was photoshopped.

The Hunt that was possibly a victim of a failed cosmetic surgery, is a veteran actress, a screenwriter and film director. For about seven years she starred in Mad About You, a popular situation comedy. In 1997, she won an Oscar award for best actress for her portrayal of single mother waitress in the movie As Good as It Gets. Aside from the Oscar she has also received four Emmys, four Golden Globes and a couple of Screen Actor Guilds.  Her directorial debut was the movie Then She Found Me, which she directed in 2007.

Helen Hunt plastic surgery

In 2013, a picture of her looking 10 years younger has been the subject of many speculations of another cosmetic procedure, or maybe even several, that apparently was more successful this time around. In a Helen Hunt plastic surgery before and after photo, wrinkles are almost non-existent; all signs of early aging that shockingly rendered her ugly and unglamorous were gone.  She had regained her former self. She looked fresh and, if it was possible, more alluring than before. It is as if the 2009 picture was indeed photoshopped.

It is the belief of many people that to correct the damages done to her face and neck by the botched surgery, the actress had undergone a series of procedures including fillers to her cheeks, Botox injections and a facelift. There is no denying that the plastic surgeons had done a great job on her face, restoring her former looks and much more on photos and in personal appearances.

What happened to Helen is an excellent example of how a great surgery can help people maintain natural beauty and repair effects of accidents as well.

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