Plastic Straws SUCK!!!

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

Truth be told, plastic drinking straws are not the biggest kind of plastic waste. In fact, they amount to "only" 8.1% of the overall global problem. The issue with plastic drinking straws is that people frequently don’t bother or simply forget to recycle them due to their size. The straws that do end up in the non-burnable bin often don’t make it through the recycling process because they are so small and light. Those straws end up contaminating the recycling process or end up as garbage in landfills where it will take up to 200 years for them to decompose.

Sadly, most plastic straws, that are recycled or not, are likely to end up in the ocean. Given the amount of straws that are used every day, replacing them with a truly natural biodegradable substitute can and will make a huge difference!

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